Heads Up Boys! Diego Dolls are Here...

All many little girls want for Christmas or birthday gift is Dora the Explorer. Not to be outdone, little boys do want something too - a male equivilant - the Diego dolls.

These are just among the millions of children that are enjoying the Hispanic TV characters. The thing is, they do not want them only in their set. They want too their own dolls. Maybe for hugging, sleeping with or any other reason only known to them.

With the growing popularity of Diego dolls and its cartoon series, parents would have an additional hard time of pulling their kids from the television and from the kids’ store once they see one on display.

The creation of Diego dolls is a proof that boys will always be boys. And that Dora the Explorer, lovable as she is, is not for them.

Although Dora the Explorer episodes have long fascinated many boys, the fact remains that Dora is a girl. There are obviously some things that they surely cannot connect with.

Apart from that, parents have long been frustrated by the fact that when shopping for toys for their boys, the purple and pink stuffs of Dora the Explorer is definitely not the thing for their little boys.

Then came the Dora spin off, Go Diego Go, featuring Dora’s adventurous little cousin, Diego Marquez. Besides the fact that Diego is a boy, it seems that everything about him is catered to custom-made the typical energetic and playful little boy.

Diego is an 8-year-old action-adventure hero who is in love with nature and animals. In each episode, Diego's mission is to help rescue an animal in trouble.

Diego succeeds in his goal while introducing kids to information about each animal's sound, movement, habitat, diet, family, and physical characteristics.

Like Dora, Diego also models important attributes for young children, such as a love of learning, a respect for the environment, and a desire to help others.

The similarity ends there. As a substitute of Dora’s purple backpack, Diego has an orange shoulder bag, also called his Rescue Pack, which can rap to a salsa beat and that can turn into rocket-boards, para-sails, and kayaks to help him save exotic animals in the jungle.

And instead of living with parents and having many fancy friends, Diego has a pet jaguar and a tree house in the rain forest.

If you are trying to buy a Diego doll for your kid and you cannot seem to find any available, do not go blaming the department stores of hiding or not selling one.

While Diego dolls were already introduced in the market last Christmas 2003, the comprehensive line is expected to roll out in the fall of this year.

The limited edition of Diego dolls is because of the fact that the creators wanted the television series to become successful first to have a bigger demand in the market. They also want to make sure that the product they will be releasing will be as good as the series.

As early as now, Dora is getting some stiff competition from her cousin. These are the same boys who have watched her before but have found that Diego is more the picture of themselves and what they do.

Indeed, boys will be boys. But that does not mean they cannot play with dolls.

Diego dolls are poof of that...


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