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Dora Backpack Options for Youngsters

Dora the Explorer is a friendly cartoon character that is found, besides in TV shows, on various products that range from toys to home and decor products and even a Dora backpack. As the character is designed for young children who started or who are about to start school and even more, the character is based on educational adventures, Dora the Explorer collections include a range of different backpacks and school supplies. Just like other merchandises based on funny cartoon characters, such as the Hello Kitty backpacks or the Sponge Bob ones, the Dora backpack has various fans, both children and parents.

There are 2 distinctive types of Dora backpacks: the first type includes the actual figure of Dora on a classic school backpack and the second type is represented by Dora's actual backpack from the famous TV series. Dora the Explorer Stars Backpack with Lunch Case is one of the best sellers from the Dora backpack collection. This backpack is made of polyester, is 16" and comes together with a detachable matching lunch case and 2-side mesh pockets.

Another option is the Dora the Explorer 16" Double Compartment Backpack, which provides a unique design that includes colored flowers, a shiny textures made of satin nylon and polyester trim and it comes with 2 wide compartments, smaller compartment up front, a matching round case and 2 crayons. Dora's actual backpack is, in the TV series, a talking one and it helps little Dora in her adventures. The backpack as merchandise is also called Dora the Explorer My Talking Backpack and it is represented by a smaller purple schoolbag (approx. 7" x 7"), with a smiling face image.

The same talking character is found also in the Play Hut Dora Backpack Hut set, which includes the main Dora the Explorer characters and features a tunnel port for crawling through and playing. Another similar set is the Dora the Explorer Backpack Play set by Gund, which is made of plush and includes the small backpack with velcro closure and two side pockets, a play flashlight, binoculars and magnifying glass – all the equipment needed for a Dora-like adventure.

Besides the actual backpacks as merchandise, there is also a book entitled Dora's Backpack, which is destined to babies and pre-schoolers and it reveals the adventures of Dora and her best friend, the Boots monkey, while trying to return eight books to the library before it closes. Dora backpacks are even more promoted through the book and vice versa and they both promote the strong connection of the character with learning and education.


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