The Impact of Dora the Explorer Birthday Decorations

Young children like to have collections of their favorite cartoon character, especially in their rooms. Because of this, moms or both parents make it a point to provide or give them their desire most especially in their birthdays. Therefore, they buy toys and any other gifts to please them. By using Dora the Explorer birthday decorations would surely make this special day extra special.

Dora the explorer is one of the most popular cartoon characters loved by young kids. Dora the Explorer can be seen on television more specifically in the Nickelodeon channel. She is a very cute, lovable, strong and attractive character that has the great ability to attract kids with her persona. Dora’s unique characteristics draw her closer to little children from all over the world. Her popularity has spread all over the world and continues to grow, no wonder there are a lot of goodies and toys that are sold in the market and this is good because they can continue being with Dora and learning from her even with the TV off.

In addition, Dora the Explorer is also available for birthday parties of young children. From birthday decorations to birthday cakes, you will see the wonders of this Spanish cartoon character.

In some children’s birthday parties, it has been a tradition to include cartoon characters in their birthday games now especially with Dora. The party becomes fun and colorful. Moms see to it that the face or picture of Dora and the other characters in the cartoon series are in the party. You can see Dora on the plates, on the cups, party hats, flaglets, balloons, banners or streamers, souvenirs, t-shirts, sunglasses, toys, giveaways and lots more.

Of course in order to make your party work, you will need creative decorations such as Dora the Explorer birthday decorations. Since the children like this cartoon character, it will surely add joy to the kids. Streamers and balloons are good because kids love these props, games, and activities that are based on balloons tend to be easy on the furniture. Depending on your theme, you can always pick up paper and cardboard posters and props at the local party supply stores.

There is no match to the happiness young children feel especially at times like these. Having all what they desire for is right in front of them. For children who have great interest in Dora the explorer, inviting her in their birthday party is a dream come true. Well parents do not want to disappoint their child that is why they will do everything to ensure their happiness.

Hence, Dora the Explorer has a great impact or influence to viewers especially to younger children. Children love to watch Dora the explorer because it has different adventures and it is purely educational. In addition, she teaches Spanish and English language pertaining to love and nature.

Aside from that, they will learn many moral lessons. No wonder, Dora the explorer can overwhelm the children and at the same time make them happy and entertained. Dora’s virtues are good influences to the children and when they emulate her, they tend to be better kids with good morals and values.

Rewarding them with a Dora the Explorer birthday decorations will let them know that Dora the explorer is a good role model and continue to listen to her lessons.


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