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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Supplies

Been planning for your kids birthday party but can’t seem to develop an initial idea? Well, start by having a theme so that planning will be much easier.

Kids relate to cartoon or movie characters easily. Among the favorites of children from all over the world is Dora the Explorer: a Spanish little girl that teaches children how to speak Spanish and lessons in life. Every episode showcases a great learning experience for every child.

Having a Dora-themed party is very easy to do thanks to the many Dora the Explorer birthday party supplies that are available on the market. You can buy those items at your local party supply stores or simply by ordering online.

The first thing you should have is the invitation, since you will be sending it out a week or two before the party. List down the names of friends you will be inviting so that you will know how many you’ll need. There are many colorful designs that you can choose from. You can even have it personalized.

There are also invitation cards that comes with matching thank you cards that you can send to those who attended the party.

Decorating can be challenging but having Dora the Explorer birthday party supplies ready at hand can be fun and easy to do. What you will need are the following:

· Multi-colored Dora the Explorer balloons
· Dora the Explorer Streamer. Some streamer comes with a Spanish greeting with English translation.
· Centerpiece
· Banners and confetti’s

You will also need party hats and name tags. All these are readily available at the party supplies store and in the Internet.

A party would not be complete without the cake. You can order a Dora the Explorer-shaped cake or a simple cake and buy a Dora the Explorer candle and cake topper, which your child can play with, after the party is over.

A colorful Dora the Explorer table cover would add up to your theme. A lot of Dora the Explorer design are available. Forks, spoons, cups, plates of different sizes comes in pack or sold separately is a must. Having this will be easy for you to clean up after.

For the games, you can buy a poster of Boots the Monkey (Dora's best friend) and use it for ‘pin the tail on the monkey’ instead of the usual ‘pin the tail on the donkey. You can make a map and have a treasure hunting. For your prizes, you can buy Dora the Explorer mini notepads, picture frame, stickers and other items.

Pull string piñata is the main highlight of the party. Piñatas can also be a party décor. Sometimes piñatas are sold with candy and small toys already inside. Your child could not wait to pull the string once he/she sees the piñata.

A great way to end the party is by handing out the party favors. There are available pre-made goody bags, either box or plastic with different designs of Dora the Explorer characters. This includes: candies, glitter bracelets, blowing bubbles and assorted toys. Kids will surely be delighted when you hand them the loot bags. There is almost an endless variety of Dora the Explorer birthday party supplies available.

One more thing that you should not forget: charge the batteries of your camera a night before the party. The memories and fun-filled activities it will capture would certainly last a lifetime.

Having these Dora the Explorer birthday party supplies, your child’s party will surely be a great success. Everything you need for your party is ready.


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