Dora the Explorers's Bestfriend: Boots the Monkey

Dora the Explorer is very popular in various parts of the world especially to kids ages 3 - 6 years old who continue to idolize and emulate her. The little Spanish girl, Dora the explorer is not only known for her being adventurous but also for being friendly to all creatures, including animals.

Dora is a friend to everybody who is someone that you can rely on whenever they are in the middle of a struggle. Boots is one of those friends that are closest to the heart of Dora, and she is her bestfriend, taking on challenges side by side.

Boots is a monkey who helps Dora with her adventures. Through thick and thin they stick together to achieve their goals. Boots is a very close pal of Dora the Explorer and in every series, they take on different adventures There are a variety of products where Boots can be found together with Dora.

• Plush Toys. Your kids can have great fun with the toys derived from one of Dora’s friends named Boots. The Boots stuffed toy measures about 11 inches tall. Boots is also available as a finger puppet and this is the most saleable item among the children because aside from being affordable, they find pleasure in making the finger puppets talk. But this is not the only one, there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to a Boots stuffed doll varying in sizes and functions.

• Boots Backpack. Enjoy a useful backpack featuring Dora’s friend Boots. There are bags especially designed by Dora the Explorer merchandisers that also produces the Boots backpack bags. It is also user friendly because you can manage to place some of your things inside the bag with great ease and arranged order. It is best to use during field trips and strolling as well as for school.

• Boots wipe off memo board. Learn how to write and read over and over again. By the use of this memo board, you can have many great educational fun writing down letters and numbers making the learning of the alphabet a great bonding experience for you and your child

• Check out for the newest Dip 'N Flip Bubble Totes. This is best for kids, they just simply flip open the top part of the toy to reveal the attached bubble wand. It also includes Dora the explorer bubble liquid that will add excitement to the toy. Your child will have fun with this.

• Enjoy summer perfectly with Dora the explorer and his friend Boots splash around. This Dora and Boots’ toys are equipped with life jacket and flippers. You will be amazed with the movable arms and waist of Dora and Boots. Dora wears a colorful bathing suit that adds to her summer look.

• The magic blowing wand of Dora and Boots is very different from the flip in tote. This wand suits the kids aging two and above. It is also designed for pre-schoolers. It is made up of a tray with the bubble liquid that creates small and big bubbles.

• Dora the Explorer and Boots Coloring Book that is good for your children who are just starting to learn the basics. They can begin from coloring books that features Dora the Explorer and her friends including Boots and learn about the different kinds of colors and enhance their creativity.

Most of the Dora the Explorer products are always associated with her friends. Boots is one of the usual companies of Dora in her explorations, while Dora is the main character of the show, Boots can also hold his own.


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