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Dora the Explorer Cake: Make A Birthday Party Better

Since many kids loves the cartoon show Dora the Explorer, most of them expectedly want to have things with Dora’s picture and image. Examples of these are dresses, pillows, bags, coloring books, toys and etc. that have Dora the Explorer's picture. These products are hot only for one reason, Dora the Explorer.

Those who are not in the know some may ask who Dora is? And what good will she give to young kids?

The answer is easy and known to many kids.

Dora the Explorer is a seven-year-old girl who loves to travel with her friends and go on adventures. She teaches the Math, language, music and good morals. She also speaks Spanish. This is why children of ages 4-7 would utter some Spanish words that they have learned from the show.

This is not only a kids’ show, it is also for parents as well. Most parents watch the show Dora the Explorer together with their children in order to share the experience with their kids and explain some things their kid may not understand. These offers not only educational growth but some bonding time for them as well.

One of the famous ways of letting children know that their parents appreciate what they are doing is during their birthdays. Here is a scenario where in a Dora the Explorer cake shows how much it can show love between parent and child and how much a Dora cake can contribute to a Dora themed birthday party.

A mother went to a bakeshop to order a cake for her child’s birthday. She ordered the cake inspired by the show Dora the Explorer. The little explorer has a picture on the cake that makes the cake colorful aside from being tasty and delicious. It also has the pictures of Dora’s friends. And at the bottom is written the name of Dora the Explorer and the name of the celebrant.

When the child saw the cake, she was amazed and very happy because she never expected that her mother will do it for her. After the birthday, she hugs her mother tight, thanked her for the Dora the Explorer cake and promises that she will study harder like Dora.

Reasons why you should choose a Dora the Explorer cake than the ordinary cake:

1. The cake alone will make your child very happy.

2. Knowing that your child is a big fan of Dora, you will see the excitement in your child’s eyes.

3. This is one way of letting your child know that you are willing to give all the necessary things for her as long as they will behave properly.

4. Dora the Explorer is one of the famous characters. It is now easier for you to find a cake with her picture.

5. Let the cake be your child’s motivation for learning. Since she idolizes Dora, it will be kept in her mind that when she does good deeds, good things will happen as well.

6. This will challenge your child to learn more since you have given her already an initial prize, the Dora the Explorer cake.

Just imagine the influence that the show has given every child. Very rewarding is it not? This is also one reason why you can see in every children’s party a Dora the Explorer cake. Many love this seven-year girl that is why many are inspired to have one of the products that feature her.


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