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Partying with a Dora the Explorer Costume

Unlike most adults who quickly feel the years creeping up on them, children actually look forward to their birthdays. In fact, many kids say their birthday is the best day of the year. To make the day really special, you do not have to rent out a laser emporium or hire a hot-air balloon.

The best parties can happen at home without spending a lot of money. All it takes is a bit of planning and creativity.

A party theme for kids’ birthday parties create a consistent festive feeling placing a fun focus on the event. Party With the popularity of Dora the Explorer cartoon show comes the inkling for these kids to wear a Dora the Explorer costume to this special event.

But having a theme for the party is not really necessary, but it can make planning easier.

Dora the Explorer is very popular and party supply stores offer lots of costumes with her character images.

Give them the opportunity to play the character they love so well by letting them have some of Dora the Explorer costumes.

Dora the Explorer costumes come in different styles and colors befitting the occasion that the character is into. You find her in a swimsuit when she is playing in the beach. In shorts and T-shirt when she is out wandering with her pet monkey.

These are the same costumes that kids want to have. Kids, being the kid that they are, see things they like and want some of their own. If they want to be like Dora, then having some of her costumes will make all that possible.

The standard Dora the Explorer costume available includes pink Dora costume shirt with printed Dora the Explorer logo and attached printed back pack, orange shorts, and dark yarn Dora costume wig. This is also available in child sizes toddler and small.

There is no limitation to what you can do with Dora the Explorer costumes. Invitations can be set up to have Dora in the cards, representing the celebrant.

To complete the picture, you can have guest wearing the colors that is prominent with Dora.

There is no limitation to what your creativity can do with a Dora the Explorer costume. Have your child dress up in that costume and set out giving the invitation herself.

As little as they are, kids wanted to assert their independence by having their own sense of style. They get to imitate what they see often; in television, with their friends, etc. These things have a big influence on them.

If they think that Dora the Explorer costumes are the hottest thing in their time, then there is really no stopping them from having one, birthday or no birthday.

Birthdays with Dora the Explorer costumes is the one thing you can give your child as a means of showing them that you understand their need to be the character that they admire on TV.

Give your child one party they will remember up until they grow up. Theme it up with Dora the Explorer costumes that they only see on television. This will surely make their day real special.

Just remember that birthdays only come once and year. And that your child will never be the child that they are again. If a Dora the Explore costume is what they want the most for their special day, give it to them and see that big smile on their faces.


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