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The Dora the Explorer Doll House

Do you know Dora the Explorer? Have you seen her on the television? Perhaps you've seen her Dora the Explorer Doll House? You can ask your children about her and they will surely tell you that Dora is a very brave, adventurous and determined little girl that they help in the television. Who used to have an adventure in the Islands, and even in the spooky woodland, in the jungle and even in the lakes of the wild crocodiles? Dora is such a great adventurer you can fid her in the most exciting places.

How about Diego, do you know him? Diego is Dora's cousin and great partner in every adventure. Diego runs fast whenever Dora needs him. He can also swim swiftly, swing and jump just to rescue some animals.

Boots, is a friendly monkey who sticks with Dora during her adventures. You can see them both, having a journey and quest overflowing with laughter, funny companions, problems and mystery, and most of all, the ever feared villains that are trying to destroy her adventure. He is a five and a half years of age. Boots can perform surprising stunts like flipping and doing some special tricks.

Have you seen her Back Pack? Her mama and her papi gave it to her. He is with Dora in her way to an adventure. The Back Pack always provides things whatever she needs in the adventure.

What about the swift, slinky fox who tries to steal things that Dora needs in her adventure? Never mind it is only Swiper. Based on his name he steals Dora’s things and hide it, in which its up to Boots or Dora and even the viewer’s to find that things.

Dora the Explorer Has a House

Yes, it is true Dora has a home sweet home. This is good news for Dora’s fans and helpers worldwide. Dora the Explorer's house will help pre-school children and the grade-school ones to be highly entertained and learn more about keeping house. The house's name is “La Casa de Dora”. It was then a primary hand touch interaction with Dora; it has also a pleasant atmospheric home for her.

The dollhouse is for children to interact with some cultures and be able to express it inside Dora’s house.

Dora’s house can be unlocked and altered so that children can see up to the second floor. Approximately, the Dora the Explorer doll's house has six areas. Some of these areas are the kitchen, living room, comfort room and it has a backyard, as well. The Dora the Explorer doll's house illustrates how a good family lives together inside a house.

New technology was applied in Dora's doll house. Some items can be set in motion, there are real household sound effects and Dora's bilingual phrases, background music and lights

Your kids will learn the importance of the family because of this Dora the Explorer toy set. Together with Dora are her mom and her dad of course. Some of Dora’s friends like Diego, Map, Back Pack, Swiper and Boots are also in the house.

YOur children will definitely play and learn because Dora's doll house. It may also help them in having personality that is more pleasurable. Aside from the values that the toy set will impart to your children and the knowledge of keeping house, they can also learn to be like Dora, a responsible, loving and thoughtful child to her parents.

By having a Dora the Explorer doll house, children will be inspired to watch her shows more, and learn, play and have adventures with Dora, everyday.


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