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Dora the Explorer Dolls: Now Children Can Play With Dora, Too!

She was first seen on television in a Nickelodeon television series and thereafter became the little kids’ big star. Dora the Explorer adventures took the preschoolers imagination to different places and climbed the heights of learning along with fun trivia, and now she's taken the toy world by storm with Dora the Explorer dolls too.

When parents indulge their kids with CDs of Dora’s fun adventures and learning discoveries, the Nick Jr. created another enjoyable way of Dora’s explorations -- by making Dora the Explorer dolls.

This seven year old Spanish girl enjoys exploration by very exciting ways. Together with her best pal monkey, they hop into crocodile filled swamp, jump into turtle’s back, ride behind elephant’s gigantic ears and chase different sizes and shapes and color of animals. Dora’s rigorous and exciting activities are never without a fun trivia. Her arduous exploration is coupled with questions and often times she shares her Spanish phrases as she went along to ask her trivias.

She is famous for conversing with the televiewers (your pre-schoolers) during the show. More like a teacher-friend type of person, sharing information and playing with the kids at the same time.

Dora dolls are dressed in the same outfit Dora in the television with the same short, straight black hair. With a short straight hairdo as seen during her show in Nickelodeon. The idea producing Dora dolls is mainly to have Dora and play with the pre-schoolers wherever their imaginations may take them. Dora dolls are expected to sell off like fortune cookies. Parents would love to shop for new play toys like this because it is not fancy looking like the girlie Barbie dolls but little boys can also play with Dora dolls. They are perfect dolls for pre-schoolers, indeed.

Dora’s colorful appearance also enhances the children’s visual association to colors. It does not only provide enjoyment to kids but it also boost up socialization among preschoolers. The growth and development of kids, in specific the preschoolers, are often centred with playing and toys.

Buying your kids' toys create an effective atmosphere for learning and increasing their motivation of cooperation during school functions. Through playing and sharing fun ideas with other children in school and having these toys as develop kids’ social and mental capabilities . Truly, buying the right toy can affect your kids’ mental growth and development.

As part of home entertainment, manufacturers joined with Nickelodeon and came up with a concept of creating Dora dolls to tickle the funny kiddie bones and enthrall them with the notion of real doll figure of Dora inside their houses. Children will not just watch their favorite cartoon character on television, they can also hold Dora all at the same occasion.

Nickelodeon’s continuous display of interest to kids as their best and avid consumer, multiply into designs that will endlessly supply the market with great toys. Toys that will forever be loved by many children and stock up at cupboards to wait until another young owner arrive. Dolls can be passed on to different generations so long as you are able to maintain the beauty and figure of the doll. Dolls and television cartoon figure dolls that amused parents and older people before would reach another youthful hands if it were lovingly stored by old toy owner. Just like a versatile and adventurous Dora doll.

Dora and her friends is available in doll figures and sales are sky rocketing in stores worldwide. Perhaps it will interest you that Dora the Explorer dolls can speak two languages; it's more than fun that you can imagine.


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