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Watching While Learning with Dora the Explorer DVD

Yes kids you heard it right, Dora the Explorer is now on DVD. The new Dora the Explorer DVD was produced to respond to kids demand worldwide. If they want more of Dora the Explorer, not only can they get to watch her on television, they can also learn, play and sing by watching Dora in DVD.

By having a Dora DVD, kids can watch their favorite Dora the Explorer episodes whenever they want or watch the episodes they missed.

Even they are on the go, kids and Dora’s fans can bring the DVD with them to watch Dora. Nowadays Dora the Explorer DVD is out in the market, even with the use of the internet, you can now easily purchase a copy of Dora’s DVD.

The Dora the Explorer DVD highlights different episodes of Dora and her friends' adventures. Through the DVD, the viewers will encounter more of Dora's quests and explorations with friends and villains. The education-oriented show also has nice and lively background music that really entertains children audiences, especially those that really enjoy Dora.

Trough the help of its personal DVD Player kids can watch the show as if they were playing a computer adventure, it shows a mouse scene that makes the audiences thinks and kids to have a decision. As we all know, Dora keeps on asking questions that will make your kids think as well, and she often stop for a while and wait for a reaction.

Things to find out concerning the DVD

Trough Dora’s adventure audiences learn how to value a good character. It also shows how to respect their parents, how to be a responsible friend and an animal lover as well.

Almost of Dora’s adventure deals with the animal rescue and adventure in the woodland. Children will surely be educated because of Dora’s DVD. The music and the songs are surely loved by the children and the youthful audiences.

If Dora has a DVD, it surely needs a DVD Player

Take the enjoyment of Dora the Explorer wherever your adventure takes you with a new Dora the Explorer Portable DVD Player. It does not matter if you and your child are camping outside or inside the living room. It is ok because wherever you are, your kids can still watch Dora.

It has a 3-1/2” TFT LCD flat monitor that provides you a simple working control and a list of options that you can always easily control brightness, sounds and adjust contrast.

Since it has “built-in” rechargeable batteries, your kids can enjoy Dora for almost 2 ½ hours. The player also have many controls for watching or listening even if you are on the way to a trip and inside the car, in a boat, in the airplane or train.

Moreover, the bonus, take note of this for a smooth peaceful time, just try to put in the monotype stereo headsets. Therefore, your kid can listen and watch Dora, exclusively without disturbing other people.

Upon you arrival at your destined place you can just easily put the power on to make the DVD Player work and watch again Dora’s episodes because it has a very powerful power switch on button. In fact, you can also put in the power of the DVD Player by using an adaptor and be able to charge once more the batteries for the next journey.

A “virtual on screen control option” can be used to watch the video clearer and it also has a folding set to give you comfort while watching Dora’s DVD.

In addition, the most important is that it has a 90-day partial warranty.

No doubt, kids will enjoy the new adventures and quests displayed on the Dora the Explorer DVD.


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