Dora the Explorer Game for Adventurous Youngsters

Due to the advancement of technology, children, especially pre-schoolers, are advancing their learning capabilities rapidly. Basic knowledge such as counting numbers and reading the letters of the alphabet are now taught through children-oriented television shows like Sesame Street. Programs like Bananas in Pajamas shows teaches the value of friendship and honesty. And educational games like the Dora the Explorer game takes education into leisure time activities.

Youngsters also have the instinct of looking for some adventure, while learning. They are excited with treasure hunting and even the traditional Easter Egg hunts. But we find it hard to organize such activities most of the time.

Instead of getting them into kiddie games for a while, Nickolodeon Junior jumps to the idea of making Dora the Explorer Game--an adventure that will surely enthrall the inquisitive and adventurous minds of our youngsters. They also need not go out of their homes and get dirty. While having adventures with Dora, they stay safe in the comfort of their homes, where you can monitor them.

The Dora the Explorer game is specifically designed for pre-schoolers in order to get them along in an adventure. Unlike the popular adventure game Super Mario Brothers which deals with firepower and ugly King Koopa, this game engages the youngsters to nature-friendly adventures. This includes the kids to accompany the main character Dora together with her animal friends as they journey to different places such as Spooky Forest, Crocodile Lake, and others.

The Dora the Explorer game is distinguished from other games because it needs direct involvement of the child playing the game. The main character Dora can not continue her adventures unless the child decides whether Dora and her friends will continue or not. This manifestation shows that the Dora’s manufacturer Nickolodeon Junior provides the so called “ Play, Laugh, and Learn “ scheme. This means that the child engaged in the game will not only have fun but they will also learn lessons in a funny and exciting way.

Initially, the child will help Dora and her monkey friend Boots to a quest filled with other animal friends. Together, they will solve puzzles that they will meet along the way. They will also have villains who will try to block them from finishing their quest.

The child will also learn some basic Spanish words phrases, together with their English meaning. As they solve each puzzle, the child will not get bored because the game, like the TV show has a musical approach.

According to Dora the Explorer creators, they came up with the idea of creating the Dora the Explorer game for developing the youngster’s problem-solving skills. They stressed that the youngsters are the least powerful citizen in the world due to their age. By having Dora, they can be taught of something that will overcome their weakness. They also said that the actual participation of the child in the decision-making makes the Dora the Explorer game different to other adventure-oriented games.

The motivation of the participant in solving the problems encountered by Dora will have an initial effect on developing their decision-making skills. The children will look up to Dora as their role model, a person who does not easily give up even with the obstacles in front of her.

If you ask why the Spanish language is integrated as part of the Dora the Explorer game, the game creators say that as soon as possible, pre-schoolers need to be exposed to foreign languages and make them curious to learn it. They have to be made comfortable using such languages and taking pride with being bilingual. It will be such a great help for their quest for knowledge.


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