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Dora the Explorer Games Offer Lots of Benefits

Being a kid is one enormous ride with joy and laughter. There are no pressures in a kid's world. There is only constant pleasure and amusement manifested by happy giggles while playing and exploring. One source for such entertainment is provided by Dora the Explorer games.

TV shows are good for them, especially if the programs are educational cartoon-series that highlight their fields of interest. Programs that display different adventures and activities can be very helpful for them. One example of these is the play-along show, Dora the Explorer, which allows young minds to marvel through a world where they are the main attraction.

Dora now has easy to play online Dora the Explorer games packed with intellectuality and mental growth assistance factors for your child’s enjoyment. Here are some of the games, check them out:

Dora the Explorer games:

Say it Two Ways

A game that consists of vocabulary cards that can help your child learn how to speak and read words in Spanish. Kids can practice all the words in one sort or can choose words from several various categories.

Dora’s Rapido River Rafting Race

A 3D river rafting adventure and needs your child’s participation so that Dora can race to Tico’s party before Swiper the fox swipe the presents! Kids will have to maneuver through crocodiles and swimming snakes, crack the gate puzzle and find friendly frogs. Skills enhanced in this game are problem solving, memory and motor skills and math and Spanish language.

Dora’s 3D Backpack Adventure

In this game, Swiper the fox swiped library books. Dora and your child’s help, the books try to get the books back. They will explore the neighborhood, count all the books and watch out for Swiper. Here, counting, Spanish language and hand-eye coordination are developed.

Dora’s Star Catching Game

Kids can also become star catchers, just like Dora. Counting and collecting colorful stars is the main goal of the game. Your child has to be quick at matching colors to catch them all before time runs out. This game aims to enhance your child’s counting skills, color recognition and hand-eye coordination.

Dora’s Carnival Adventure

Let your kids join Dora in her latest adventure at the carnival. They can play a total of ten games with Dora the Explorer and her friends and win tickets for prizes, keeping them in personalized treasure chests extends the play! Proficiency in numbers and counting, memory and matching skills and hand-eye coordination improves in your child.

Dora’s 3D Driving Adventure

Your kids can join Dora and her friend Tico in an exciting 3D driving game. Fasten up and help find all the gifts that fell from the mail truck. They must also be alert of the tricky Swiper riding his speedy scooter.

Dora’s 3D Pyramid Adventure

Get your child to help Dora swing, jump and hop to the top of the Number Pyramid. Your kids will surely learn about numbers and different colors as they seek for the golden key.

Dora’s 3D Soccer

Now, your kids can play soccer on Dora’s team. In this game, they can run practice drills, pass the game ball to Boots and even score a goal against Swiper the fox! There are mainly four levels of the game which will help your kids to learn recognize numbers as they play along. These games will enhance skills like hand-eye coordination, color recognition and counting in your child.

As you can see, there are a variety of fun Dora the Explorer games that can capitvate your child and spur his or her imagination.


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