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Dora the Explorer Jeep: Let's Ride On

Dora's new Dora the Explorer jeep is so pretty and attractive. Yes kids can join the adventure of Dora the Explorer because Dora now has a jeep in which kids can ride and be able to experience Dora’s outstanding adventure.

It comes with the feature that includes a backpack for the keeping of things like foods, clothes and any other things that the kids can use for their own adventures.

This one of a kind jeep has an automatic machinery that can be operated easily by your kids. It has a speed of 3.5 mph and it is safe to drive. This type of toy are only for the vicinity of U.S. but you can also order it if you are in some parts of the world via internet. The Dora the Explore jeep has a single-seat with Dora’s image and it also has a styling of Dora and it also contains maps from Dora’s adventure.

If you plan on purchasing this toy for your kid, check out the web since it has the best and top retailers of Dora the Explorer’s jeep. Price, instructions, privacy agreement and classification are also purchased in the website. For more of the details you can simply browse the net and get the information you want.

A prescribe manufacturer’s age is from 24 months to six years. Kids suggested age is for about 3 years old and up to 6 years of age.

At the current situation Dora’s jeep is being shipped only within the neighboring U.S. State.

It can be packed up in a box. The size of the box is approximately 40.20 x 30.00 x 17.50. The weigh of the whole package is about 49.40 pounds.

In terms of shipping agreements, this product can also be shipped in a different way. A split shipping charge will also apply. You have to understand that gift wrapping is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Take note that this thing can be delivered in the manufacturers’ unique packing. The box also contains the warranty and replacement agreement in case otherwise the product has been damage.

This toy comes along with Power Wheels and 6 volts rechargeable battery. This is a replaceable battery; it has also a terminal fuse that arrives with an instructions booklet to give some sort of instructions, information on how to use the battery, and some safety information regarding the product.

The booklet also contains some instructions and protected measures to assist the shopper on how to use, replace and discharge batteries. Using a fake and low class battery can cause fire or explosion and can put your child’s safety at risk. Remember use only the compatible charger for the batteries.

A jeep should be equipped with the Dora’s backpack. Originally the color of the jeep combines with Dora’s backpack color. This lavish lavender color backpack contains an adjustable shoulder strap. It is also very easy to carry and your child can use it while riding on a Dora’s jeep to complete the adventure. As usual the backpack has a smiling face. Your child can also put Dora’s book inside the backpack and portable CD player so that while riding on the vehicle they can experience a real life adventure of Dora.

Inside the backpack is a map. It indicates where to go and what the adventure is all about. The map also describes the place where Dora conducted her explorations together with their friends namely Boots and Diego.

If you want, you can give the Dora the Explorer jeep for your kid as a birthday gift and you will surprise not only the guest but your child as well.


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