Dora the Explorer Nap Mat for a Peaceful Sleep

Just think how adorable your child will look once he or she is cuddled up and sleeping soundly in Dora the Explorer nap mat

The usual problem of parents is ensuring that their child gets a nice and sound sleep at night. There are children who do not feel comfortable in their own bed that they move in beside their mom or dad in the middle of the night.

Getting them Dora the Explorer nap mat is one way of assuring yourself that you would not be bothered in the middle of the night all the while sure of the best sleep that your child is having.

The popularity of Dora the Explorer television series nowadays are making kids want to be buy every single product that have Dora printed on it. Sleeping is no exception too.

This Dora the Explorer Plush Dora Face Pillow Sleeping Bag is a nap mat and backpack all rolled in one.

This backpack features a zippered area that stores the roll-up nap mat and a zippered pouch to hold a few belongings. It also has two adjustable shoulder straps and a carry strap on the top. You will Dora's smiling face embroidered on the front.

Other features include:
1. By Global Design Concept
2. Top shell is consist of 100% cotton
3. Filling is 100% polyester
4. Lining is 20% cotton and 80% polyester
5. Zippered pouch for nap mat storage
6. Zippered pouch for belongings
7. Adjustable shoulder straps
8. A personalized "This nap mat belongs to..." pocket on back
9. Embroidered front design
10. Machine washable.

When traveling is a necessity and you need to bring your child with you, Dora the Explorer nap mat does not pose a big burden. The Dora the Explorer nap mat is light weight enough to be carried around in backpacks or slung over the shoulders. This makes it convenient for daycare, overnight or travel.

Another good thing about Dora the Explorer nap mat is that they are made wider for the child to occupy more space and not be cramped into a limited one. Even mom and dad can fit themselves into these nap mats and share the comfort with their child.

Now you do not have to worry about the quality of the sleeping quarters or beds that your child may not want to sleep into as long as you have his or her Dora the Explorer nap mat along with you.

Whether you are going planning on going somewhere you do not normally bring your child to, Dora the Explorer nap mat can eliminate one of the concerns that your child will not get that desired amount and comfortable sleep.

Children will become more comfortable in the knowledge that they have Dora beside them or hugging them while they are sleeping. All the while, they will feel the warm feeling as they lay engulfed in the soft Dora the Explorer nap mat.

Just the thought of sleeping with Dora by their side is enough to give your child the sweetest dream about the adventures that they have seen recently on TV.

Give your kids the joy of having to sleep together with their favorite cartoon character. Get them now before you even realize that they are growing up fast and is outgrowing their Dora the Explorer nap mat.


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