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Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure DVD

After the success of the Dora the Explorer adventure-oriented and educational shows, Nickolodeon Junior now comes up with a very unique adventure that the young people will surely look out for just like what they did in the previous Dora the Explorer series—the Dora the Explorer Ultimate Adventure Collection now released in digital video disc (DVD) format. One of the adventures of Dora that will surely catch the attention of the kids is the Pirate Adventure Series.

Familiar characters like Dora, Boots, and the rest of the gang are still featured in this double-length episode of the Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure. In this unique musical show, Dora together with her friends and a baby jaguar are scheduled to perform a musical play about pirates intended for their friends and relatives as their audience.

The Pirate Pigs, the main villains in this story, stole the treasure chest which contains all the costumes, Dora leads a journey of seven seas and pass through the Singing Bridge to be able to arrive in the Treasure Islands and retrieve the said lost costumes.

Dora and her friends, as they have done always, sings lot of unique songs as they override obstacles like rocks, tall grasses, and waterfalls and to catch some singing stars, which the viewers are encouraged to help Dora get it. Memorable rendition of classic children’s songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle little Star“, are also featured in the film. Skills such as Spanish vocabulary and counting are the main skills integrated in the film.

Reviews were made after the release of the DVD in order to get the consensus of the parents with regards to their impression of the film. One customer rated the film as five-star and commented it as wonderful for children of young age. The reasons why she gave the film a five-star rating is that because the filmmakers still integrated the skills that a youngster should learn. They find classical songs and other conversation dubbed in Spanish language very interesting.

Also, the film teaches kids mathematics and map skills, enabling the viewers to follow the trail that Dora and her friends are tracking. Directionality is taught even though many poetic and singing activities are done by the characters. It is a participatory film because it lets the viewers decide on the mysteries that should be solved in order the journey to continue.

The attitude of the young viewers towards being attentive and very keen in observing the film pleased the parents as well, making the video one of the tools for self-learning of the youngsters.

One of the accomplishments Dora the Explorer – Pirate Adventures is the fact that it explains the reality of life in the manner that the young viewers will understand it. As one of the editors commented in the website, the adventure simply paves way to the youngsters to understand that as they go along with their lives, they need precise decision-making in order to solve their problems.

The editor also commended Nickolodeon Junior for producing such videos intended for the development and learning for the young people. By this, similar programs should be done to help increase the learning capability of children especially when they are out of school. By this, the Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure clearly sends the message that learning is really fun.


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