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Dora the Explorer Poster: Kid's Just Love It

The famous Nickelodeon cartoon character, Dora is featured in many toy products including Dora dolls, Dora houses and many more. One of which is a colorful poster with Dora and all her friends in adventure. The market have created a variety of merchandise featuring Dora. Parents will have choices depending on their kids needs and it also makes shopping more interesting and enjoyable.

A Dora the Explorer poster may be used as home décor and wall accessory for children’s room. For occasions like birthday party, a Dora the Explorer poster is the perfect match to accentuate the celebration of your kids’ party. You can paste these posters anywhere and at any occasion.

Choices inside your favourite stores include Dora the Explorer Alphabet Mini Posters. These educational mini posters are well crafted with shinny pastel colors with bold alphabet letters written in the front cover to attract the little costumers.

Home kids’ posters of Dora are also available in different Dora adventures as the print cover. Dora, Diego And Boots in the Super Silly Fiesta poster is a poster of Dora with her friends celebrating fiesta madness. This flashy poster had captured Dora in her favourite suit, in a pair of pink shirt and orange knee-high adventure shorts. Together with Diego and Boots who were clowning in the picture, wearing gigantic funny hats and confetti hanging around the background. Fiesta food, accessories, and silly clothing is beautifully painted in this Dora poster

Dora, Boots And the Unicorn in the Fairytale Adventure is the newest Dora poster. It shows Dora wearing a fancy yellow dress paired with a yellow head dress. In this poster Dora the explorer became a fairyland explorer shifting to the outback lifestyle to a dreamy and sparkling fairytale adventure. Boots her best bud monkey appeared to be a knight in shining armor only that Boots is drawn in half a piece. In this poster Dora grew hair. She was actually given long hair to appear magical and enchanting.

Posters of Dora are available in frame and vary in sizes. Colors also vary depending on the costumers taste and combination preferences. The corresponding prices of the posters change depending on the materials used, size, and often times if it is added with another cartoon character other than the Dora the Explorers member. Framing options should be check to prevent costumer distaste.

Adding a bit of good taste in your children’s parties and bedroom wall is an explorer thing to do. Spicing up your kids room with the famous “Olah...” phrase in their walls is a new way of entertaining your kids. Since Dora can talk in two different languages, your kids can learn without actually hating the education manner of Dora.

Posters can be good gift items as well. As decoration in schools and places where kids hang around for leisure time or even during the boring hours of waiting to be fetched home. Windows at the mall are often filled with Dora’s posters and articles to attract kids and parents to purchase. This chubby little explorer amuses all type of individual with greater population of preschoolers and tots admirers.

So surprise the kids with big and little posters of Dora what ever is the occasion! Sooner the kids will start mimicking Dora with all the “Olahs’...”, piñatas, and Spanish innuendos with giggles and hearty laughter.


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