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Shipping Tidbits About Dora the Explorer Posters

Dora is found anywhere and everywhere. The little adventurous and inquisitive girl with her television show, Dora the Explorer comes to the peak of her popularity. Dora the Explorer is not only known in one country but almost all over the world. Fun stuffs about her such as dolls, kitchenwares, dinnerwares, beddings, pillows and a lot more.

Do you know that Dora the Explorer posters have also hit the market? Companies have been complaining already not because of the low production but because of the continuous increase in demands for Dora’s posters.

Posters are made available in various styles such as the framed and unframed posters, calendars and even the Dora’s stickers. Yes, this is how people are becoming more and more avid to our little young Spanish girl.

They are spending money just to have a copy of their own posters and calendars because these are usually send in shipments and arrive in the different countries by bulk. The delivery of the shipment commonly lasts for a maximum of two to three business days. On the other hand, Ground Shipments may last for almost a week and still depending on your location.

In other words, aside from the cost of the Dora the Explorer posters that they buy, customers still are charged for the actual shipment. The amount will be based depending on the mode of sending it whether priority mail or not and the kind of poster or stuff that will be send. Larger object requires a higher pay also such as the unframed posters and only minimal charge for the stickers. However, sending it in a priority mail is not a guarantee that it will arrive to you faster especially during the busiest days.

Shipments are only exclusive for areas covered by the United States. Those who are from other countries simply buy their own posters from the Department stores where there are also available posters that have been imported by their country.

Payments are made using credit cards. The producers of the Dora’s merchandise accredit some cards. If in case you do not have the credit card, the fastest way for you to get the product is through the money order. You will be able to get your order immediately the day after they have received your money order.

You are also assured of the packing of your orders. Nonetheless, sometimes there are unavoidable instances that due to shipment other products are damaged. The company shows great willingness to change it with a new one. The shipment companies uphold the quality of the products so they make sure that the customers will not bring them any criticism.

At least now, you understand how your Dora the Explorer posters are sent to you. See, it is not as easy as you think. Just to ensure that the products will arrive in good condition, manufacturers commit to give you the best shipment that they could ever provide you. Like you as an avid fan, they also take good care of Dora.

You can start to staple your Dora the Explorer posters at the wall of your rooms or you can also place it on any part of your house where you can easily notice the wittiness of the little Dora the Explorer. It will surely be fun for you to start your day seeing Dora’s face.


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