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Dora the Explorer Talking House Mania

As part of growing up, children most specially pre-schools love playing. Playing is, in fact, a major part of children's lives. They spend a day only doing three things, which is to eat, play and sleep afterwards. Playing is important for a child’s growth, particularly when the toy is also educational in nature such as with the Dora the Explorer Talking House.

As parents, you should satisfy your kids’ playing needs. How are you going to give them what they need? It is easy, by providing them with educational toys and recreational games. Of course, it is not enough that you play with them.

They need toys to satisfy them. We all know that sometimes kids also need toys that can be played exclusively by themselves. You really need to provide them with the right kind of educational toys.

Role playing is also a game more kids are into. Parents need to provide them with toys that enhances their role-playing abilities. Toys such as doctor’s kit play set, nurse kit play set, and a lot more best suits their age.

Playhouses can enhance their role-playing skills. There are many playhouses available in the market. You can choose from wide selections of dollhouses.

Dora the explorer is the most sought after cartoon character by pre-school kids and Dora got a house play set. Dora got an addition to the bunch of education toy merchandises she is endorsing, the Dora the Explorer Talking House. It is unique because it talks. The Dora the Explorer talking house was released in the market last 2004.

Dora the Explorer Talking House is a toy that kids will love to play with nonstop. The dollhouse is a two-story house with bright colors, unique interior decoration and with English and Spanish featured buttons and switches.

There are four characters in the house. It is a house for Dora, Papi, Mommy and Boots, Dora’s friend. The talking house opens to reveal a second floor. Overall, there are six areas in the house, all with active sounds and music. The house talks with lights on and bi-lingual Spanish and English phrases.

It features over six areas active sounds, music and more than twenty bi-lingual phrases. It is suitable for ages 3 and above. You can fold and unfold the two-story house for easy storage.

During the last Christmas season, Dora the Explorer Talking House was sold out. Pre-school kids were all in stores with their parents, looking for it. Since toy was sold out, storeowners’ next big problem was to provide more for more demands.

The retailers of Dora the Explorer Talking House received a many emails saying that the merchandise should be made available in stock. Therefore, they made the right solution to this problem by supplying the stores with the merchandise they need. Within moments, they were sold out again. The Christmas season sell-out of Dora the Explorer Talking House was manifestation that every pre-school child are watching the show, enjoying it and learning, too.

Dora the Explorer Talking House amounts to fifty dollars, but it is more than the worth the price. Girls and even boys love playing with this toy house. The house size is just enough for two kids.

The house is perfectly constructed. It has a retractable and expandable feature. It is big enough for a play but compact for easy storage. In fact, this can be a good gift idea for birthdays. Provide your kids with this toy and have fun watching them play, learn and sing with the Dora the Explorer Talking House.


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