Having Fun with Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen

One of the best ways to educate you children is to teach them according to what fascinates them most. They will take more interest to learn if they see colorful pictures and drawings. They are also encouraged to learn if there is music along with it. The Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen contains each of the aforementioned attributes.

Buying educational toys for your children is highly advisable. At the age of three, your children must start recognizing different shapes and colors. There are now lots of educational toys in the market.

There are kids who love to watch their parents to prepare dishes in the kitchen. Most of the time, children are always behind their mothers back especially when they are about to prepare something to eat.

So that your children may learn some basic things about the kitchen and about cooking, you can get them the Dora the explorer, talking kitchen. Many kids are already playing with this talking kitchen toy. The Dora the Explorer Kitchen toy has a 12-inches Dora doll along with it

The Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen has different features. It has five recipes and adventure maps. These adventure maps help children recognize and locate the recipes in the kitchen. The children just need to insert one of the adventure cards and press the map to be able to locate the ingredients of a particular recipe.

Once the recipes are located and all spread out in the kitchen, the next thing to do is cook. There are simple and easy to understand directions how the kids can prepare one of the recipes given.

Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen has 28 pieces that are miniatures of things in the kitchen. There are plastic eggs, butters, cheese and a lot more. There are also frying pans, refrigerator, plates and oven. Your child really feels that he/she is a real chef inside his/her kitchen.

The Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen has sound effects, bilingual phrases in English and Spanish and music to spice up and ignite the energy of the child. Children are more encouraged to play if they hear something good or listen to entertaining sounds, which they can relate themselves to.

Some of the sound effect of the toy set are the telephone calls of Dora’s friends that make the child think that there are more playmates than the real ones she have. The toy set also has a cassette that plays educational songs. Your kids will easily like the life-size doll, Dora whom they will share many kitchen adventures with. The Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen play set requires three “AA” batteries.

You too will have lots of fun watching your kids scream their plaintive appreciation if you take home a Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen play set as a gift. A parent can give the perfect educational toy for special occasions like birthday, Christmas and new years.

Having the Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen allows your child just stay at home with his/her friends. There is no need for him/her to go out and play with the neighborhood.

Allow your child to experience how it is to be grown-ups in their own kitchen. This way, your child will not hurry to grow up and experience what grown ups do. They will enjoy playing with the Dora the Explorer Talking Kitchen and learn more than any other educational toy can teach them. You will also be proud as a parent and this will be the greatest time of your child’s life.


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