The Dora the Explorer Tent: A Perfect Hideaway

There is nothing like owning a Dora the Explorer tent to make you kids relive the adventures of Dora, even in their own backyard.

Have you ever seen kids playing house using bed sheets that they messily scattered on the floor? This was how it was before. In the modernized and high technology world of today, they would rather have Dora the Explorer tent. And why not? It provides instant shelter - all you have to do is set them up. Plus it's mess free too - an advantage for the parents.

There is a variety of Dora the Explorer tents available in the market.

The choice of which Dora the Explorer tent is best for you is based on:

1. Color and design.
2. The number of children that the tent can accommodate.
3. For use indoors or outdoors.
4. Other design such as water-resistant, mosquito mesh, etc.

Dora the Explorer tents are built with EZ-Twist technology for setting up easily. They are made from non-woven nylon binding and steel which can be spot cleaned and air dried,
They also feature a tunnel port for crawl-through action.

With the quick minds that children have these days, they will be setting up their own Dora the Explorer tents before you know it. You will just be surprised when you see them calling you and showing off their already made up tent out in the garden.

Just like Dora, these kids are doing things their way and practicing on some independence. Seemingly insignificant tents can bring out that kind of attitude in them. Dora the Explorer tents are one way of trusting them enough to leave them at their own private place.

Inside this tent, they can let their mind wonder and let their imaginations loose like the way they see Dora does it.

For as low as $20 dollars, you can give your kids their desired adventure without having to take out all your best mattresses and making a mess out of them.

Dora the Explorer tents are not just play things to make your child stay put. They are a way of enhancing their minds and making them learn about life.

Have them feel how it is like living in a “makeshift house” outside their home. With Dora the Explorer tents, they can even make pretend that they are together with Dora and her monkey in their adventures.

They can do all this at the same time that you are busy doing your chores or out fishing beside their tent if ever you are on a camping trip.

Children will also enjoy tunneling their way though their tents. They will surely enjoy figuring out their way to get inside their small shelter. A fun way too of playing hide and seek with your little siblings and for hiding from your parents when they want to smooch and cuddle you up.

The tents come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is up for you and your child to decide which Dora the Explorer tent is best suited for the two of you.


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