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The Trendy Dora the Explorer Theme

Dora is different from typical cartoon characters in television. She possesses characteristics that are quite peculiar from the rest of her colleagues. Dora is a Spanish girl fond of exploring things not only in her place but also around the world, and she is also a good friend to the animals that surrounds her. So it comes as no surprise that everywhere we look we see highly popular products and shows showcasing the Dora the Explorer theme.

Almost a hundred of Dora’s products are sold out in stores worldwide, thus the demand continue to increase. What could be the reason behind this? Is it because of the trait that Dora shops to her viewers or is it simply because people love her really?

Study shows that the inclination for Dora does not only happen in children but as well as in some adults. The children probably bring a great influence to their parents that is why they are also starting to love Dora.

Dora’s products have so many uses aside from giving entertainment to children when they are playing with it. The character Dora is also the center of attraction to most of the parties held in town. Every time they will hold an affair, they make it sure, that the theme will fall on Dora the Explorer.

• On Birthday Parties - this is particularly on your children’s birthday. Parents generally can't go wrong creating a Dora the Explorer theme when planning their celebration because young children tend to love her.

They will find it easier to gather children as their visitors because they will be attracted to the party favors given to them. There are also some pastry and cake stores designed with Dora's image. Aside from that, the balloons could also be printed with the picture of Dora and her friends.

• Recognition for Pre-schoolers. Toddlers show enthusiasm on activities like this, especially when they receive an award from their schools. It is a natural tendency for them to ask for a reward from their parents, the need to have a party. Most often, Dora the explorer is still the theme for the party. Stuff to be shared with the visitors are still all about Dora.

As you can see, in most of the occasions that concern about children Dora the explorer is always at the center of attraction. It is on the top of the parent’s preference to embrace the Dora the Explorer theme.

There can be two important reasons why they do this. First, is because of Dora’s being in demand to the children. It is easier to look for souvenirs and party favors that feature a Dora the Explorer theme because it is trendy. Second, is because Dora’s items will ensure the satisfaction of the children who attended the party because it is what they really want.


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