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Learn While Playing With Dora the Explorer Toys

One of the most common and popular children's toy at the present are Dora the Explorer toys. Dora is the girl from the popular animated show in television that is now loved by every kid. She also has her best friend namely Boots.

Dora the Explorer toys are perfect for kids aged 2 years and above. However, there is lots of Dora the Explorer toys are now out in the market. Therefore, here are the best Dora the explorer toys to buy for your child.

1. Dora the Explorer toys: Dora’s talking dollhouse – one of the most appealing feature of this toy is the bilingual phrases in English and Spanish language. The dollhouse had been decorated very nicely and very good for your little ones.

The dollhouse is very attractive plus the accessories and the talking appliances inside the house. This Dora talking dollhouse will give you lots of fun.

2. Dora the Explorer toys: My talking Backpack – Dora's backpack bag utters fun sentences when pressed. It has a big space for storing all your kids' things. This is just like the backpack that you see in the television series of Dora.

3. Dora the explorer toys: Magic Hair Fairytale Princess Dora Doll – dress in yellow and purple and a very amazing type of doll. Your child will adore playing with the fairytale Dora doll. It has the ability to shorten and lengthen its hair by just the touch of a wand.

Your child will learn many new things from this toy set. The doll also speaks in Spanish and English language. This will keep your child entertained and will make your child forget the time by just playing the magic hair fairytale Dora doll.

4. Dora the Explorer toys: Dora’s talking kitchen – this toy is best children who love to cook and hang out in the kitchen. Your child will also learn to follow directions and improve her mathematical abilities through playing this toy.

There are 5 recipe cards and 28 pieces miniature models of food and cooking utensils. The toy set has sound effects and music. The blender, phone, picture map, and the radio all make appropriate sounds. Your kid will definitely have fun playing the Dora’s talking kitchen toy set.

5. Dora the Explorer toys: Dora the explorer candy land game – Three to four members of your family can participate in this game. Your children will experience camaraderie like the one they never did before because of this game. They can also play with this toy set with their neighborhood playmates. All of them will learn more and have fun at the same time. No overturned chairs, resounding crash of precious home decors and other destructive things children may get into during playtime.

This is a classic game where Dora and friends Boots, Diego, backpack and map need to compete in certain races to reach the fiesta. The fiesta is the finish line of the game. This is more fun because you can play with your kids and any members of your family. You can also play with your friends and this is just handy that can even play outsides the home.

With all the best choices of Dora the Explorer toys given above, no doubt you already chose one that you want your children to have.


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