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Dora the Explorer Merchandise

Thanks to the popularity of the TV show, Dora the Explorer merchandise can be found in many areas, from kid's clothing to toys. This is a short list of the finest available Dora the explorer merchandise you can find on stores. I hope you find it useful.

Bedding - The bedding line of Dora the explorer merchandise includes not only sheets, but also a variety of bedtime goodies, such as pillows, pillowcases, and cool comforters. There is also a line of sleeping bags, for those fun slumber parties.

Clothing - Dora the Explorer clothing comes in several styles, to ensure there will be one that fits your kid’s mood. You will not find any cooler outfits for girls! There is also an infant line of clothing and accessories, which include the Dora the Explorer Coverall bib.

Backpacks - Get your kids ready for school with the cool line of backpacks available in the Dora the Explorer merchandise line. There are several fun designs to choose from, and some of the backpacks come with a lunch bag or a water bottle too. There is even a heart shaped bag for stylish girls!

Games and toys - Dora the explorer merchandise includes a great line of educational games and toys, designed to help your children through their development. There is no difference between learning and playing with the nice Dora the Explorer toys and games! I specially like the bean bag dolls.

Kitchen accessories - Everything is more fun with the Dora the explorer line of kitchen accessories. It includes chairs, cups, plates and bowls, and even bibs for the infants. Eating is laughing with Dora the explorer!

Books - There is a lot of great educational Dora the explorer books. Story books for the kids, and some coloring books for the littler ones, your children will be entertained for hours with Dora the explorer.

DVD’s and videos - You can get the whole series of episodes of Dora the Explorer show on DVD or VHS, but not just that: there are also several DVD’s containing special episodes and adventures. Your children will enjoy each one of these episodes – guaranteed.

Wallpaper borders - Stick these wallpaper borders to your kids' room wallpaper and create a fun adventure place for them! These wallpaper borders are available in several colors and designs, and they have the whole bunch of Dora the explorer characters on them.

Party stuff - You can make your kid's birthday party perfect with the available line of party supplies. Let your children and friends share the greatest party with the Dora and Boots cups, dinner plates, napkins and much more. You can even send Dora the Explorer invitations to all the kids, and when the party gets noisy, bring up some Dora the Explorer whistles and blow-outs. Tip: you can complete the Dora the Explorer theme by hanging up a piñata!

Well, that's all for now. I included the most popular Dora the Explorer merchandise in this list, but surely you can find other kinds of Dora stuff, like tricycles, for instance. Don't hesitate to ask your local storekeeper about available Dora the Explorer merchandise.


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