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Dora the Explorer ATV: An Effective Way to Make a Child Follow

All kids are television fanatics. If you ask them the reason, why they love television the answer is obvious, television provides great entertainment. But, don’t worry, there are television shows that can actually teach children something, all it needs is proper guidance from the parents.

One of the best shows in television today is Dora the Explorer. It is even considered the most famous cartoon of today. Every time you talk to kids about Dora the Explorer, they will sure tell you everything in great detail and would probably ramble on.

Rarely would kids miss a single day without watching a Dora the Explorer TV show. Even the parents themselves would accompany their children in watching the show.

Why? It is because the show is not merely to amuse children but a great educational tool as well. Children are able to learn different things by watching Dora the explorer. Kids ages 3 - 10 years old are taught how to talk simple Spanish phrases throughout the show as well as learn so many things about being self-reliant and to be good kids.

Just imagine a 5 year old child saying Hola! or Muy Bien! Or like listening to a 4 year old kid counting numbers with good accuracy both in English and Spanish. What will you feel if you hear those things from your child? And the great reason is because of Dora.

As you observe that your child is learning good educational things from Dora the Explorer television show, think of something that might make your child happier. It should be something that will inspire them to learn more. Why not give your child a Dora the Explorer ATV?

This will surely make your child happier than ever.

The Dora the Explorer ATV or All Terrain Vehicle is a small vehicle suitable for kids from 3 - 6 years old. This multi-colored ATV allows little explorers like Dora and your child to travel and have adventures. This little vehicle has large tires, practical front brush protector, back mud flutters and a CB radio toy in the dash.

Your kid will really enjoy riding this ATV since he or she can speed up the driving forward or do a reverse. Since this has a power lock system that provides an automatic safety stop, you should not worry that your kid might be caught off guard. But still, parents are advised to supervise their children when playing with the Dora the Explorer ATV.

Dora the explorer ATV needs a 12V rechargeable battery to operate which made this good for anytime use without worrying about gas usage and gas related accidents. This vehicle can carry up to 65 pounds, which mean that 1 or more kid can ride this vehicle at the same time.

Now, just imagine the joy that you will see in your child’s face. You cannot buy this little vehicle just anywhere. Even the wealthiest man on earth cannot buy the happiness of your child when you present to him/her the Dora the Explorer ATV. The vehicle will only cost you from 177.66 to 199.99.

Some people may think that the Dora the Explorer ATV is not really important. Well, it is important. Especially if you child is a big fan of Dora. You can use the vehicle as a tool in order to enhance your child’s’ learning abilities. This will provide your child independence and confidence in themselves.


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