Sleeping with Dora the Explorer Bedding

Dora the Explorer is the source of fun and learning pleasure among youngsters from pre-school to grade school, nowadays. Moreover, there are great products that can adorn your child’s bed and provide great comfort when they go to sleep.

There are collectible goodies like the Dora the Explorer bedding is now being sold in the market. These products will end your bedtime woes of children who gives their parents a hard time when it’s sleeping time. Your children will eagerly be awaiting for bedtime because of the joy of sleeping with Dora and the Dora the explorer beddings. Bedtime will now be a source of amusement and delight for your kids.

These beddings will let your children enjoy not only playing with Dora, but also sleeping and dreaming with these great sleeping time novelty items. No more monsters beneath their beds, they are safe with Dora the Explorer's company.

However, these goodies are available in limited stocks only. What follows are Dora the Explorer beddings that your kids will surely love to have.

Dora The Explorer: Slumber Bag – Your little ones will now have the perfect bed bag for slumber parties, a trip to Granny’s house, a midnight sleep-over at their friends house and other kinds of sleeping adventures away from home. The Dora the Explorer Slumber Bag teaches your children to tidy up her bed things and be more practical regarding sleeping arrangements.

The slumber bag features warm and comfortable polyester fiberfill insulation, a large replica of Dora and the amazing self-repairing zipper, which when completely unzipped opens the bag into a comforter. This product is indeed suitable for children aged three years old and above.

Dora The Explorer: Star catcher Twin Comforter – this little piece of dreamland will surely captivate your children’s interest in bedtime. Your child can dream of far away places and great adventures with Dora accompanying her at bedtime. The twin-sized comforter feature Dora and her friend Boots trying to catch twinkling stars together.

The large cartoon characters are set on pink background surrounded by purple, yellow, light blue and periwinkle stars. Reverse side have the same pattern but with a white background.

Matching sheets and decorative Dora the Explorer pillows makes the comforter all the more attractive for your children. These items are sold separately. The matching sheets and pillows are made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester and with polyester fill. It is a machine wash material with measurements of 86 L x 64 W inches.

Dora The Explorer: Star Catcher Twin Sheet set - These twin-sized sheets feature Dora the Explorer and her cute friend Boots the monkey surrounded by cute, smiling stars. The colorful cartoon character match the larger characters on the Dora the Explorer Star Catcher Comforter and decorative pillow.

Dora the Explorer: Star catcher Pillowcase – this reversible pillowcase has images of Dora and Boots, which will surely make your youngster be more inspired to sleep. The standard pillowcase fits a 20-inch by 26-inch pillow and is machine washable.

Dora the Explorer: Sleeping Bag - this Dora the Explorer luxurious sleeping bag is a mat and backpack in one. The backpack stores the roll-up nap mat and a zippered pouch to hold a few belongings. It has two adjustable shoulder straps and a hanging strap on the top. Embroidered at the front of the backpack is Dora's smiling face.

It is 100% cotton and its filling is 100% polyester. The lining is 20% cotton and 80% polyester. Moreover, it includes a nap mat. It has a zippered pouch for nap mat storage and a zippered pouch for belongings. Written in the back pocket is the ownership claim, "This nap mat belongs to…"

Want your children to have a good night’s sleep? Dora the Explorer bedding can provide just that.


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