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Creating a Dora The Explorer Bedroom Theme

One of the characteristics of children that are incomparable to adults are their interest towards cartoon characters. Watching cartoon series' is an activity that can’t be completely eradicated from their daily activity. But why take it away from them, there are now cartoon shows that can be very beneficial to your kids development, and one of them is a little TV show that has made it big, it's the Dora the Explorer.

Reality proves that once a character has reached its popularity, the merchandisers grasp it as an opportunity for them to produce products that will endorse the character. This has been proven when superheroes such as batman, spider man, superman and a lot more hit the television industry. Various products are introduced in the market concerning the character of Dora, up to and including Dora the Explorer bedroom accessories.

Merchandisers are able to launch products such as dinnerwares, party give aways, clothings, costumes, games and kitchen wares and of course toys. There are also the Dora’s bedding that looks great in many children’s bedrooms.

The bedroom provides a sanctuary for children where in they can have a world of their own, aside from being a resting place, it is their kingdom where in they can do all their make believes and being Dora the explorer is one of them.

Here are some of the tips on how you can make the kids' bedroom a haven for Dora and your children

• Rather than the typical beddings you can purchase Dora blankets and beddings - This is one of the products launched by the merchandiser of Dora’s products. This can be comprised of a comforter beddings and such that will make their bed more attractive and inviting.

• Dora’s curtains - You can accompany it with some beaded accessories to add delight to the room of your children. Aside from adding attractiveness into the room, the curtains will also help in neutralizing the amount of sunlight that may enter your child’s bedroom.

• Dora dolls or stuff toys - You can provide a mini-cabinet for your kid’s bedroom where these stuff toys will be placed to maintain an organized arrangement. Aside from the Dora’s dolls, you can also include some of Dora’s friends such as Boots the monkey.

• Dora’s pillow cases - This is to add complement for the Dora’s blanket. It will accentuate the blanket and provide consistency.

• Dora’s mini tables and chairs - You can make your own arrangement on whichever part of the bedroom you are going to place them. It can be used as a study table for your children or for tea time.

These tips will help you to conceptualize the kind of design that you want to make in their bedroom. This is the best way to redecorate their rooms.

By incorporating these simple Dora the Explorer bedroom touches, children will really feel how good it is to stay in a place where they are being comforted by Dora and her images.


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