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Since most kids love Dora the Explorer, they often desire toys and items with Dora's picture. So, why not take your child to a department store and shop for Dora the Explorer toys? There are different toys available that come with very affordable prices. Some of these toys are enumerated below so you will have an idea of just some of the possibilities you can purchase for your child.

1. Dora the Explorer Big Sister – this is available for only 30 dollars.

2. Buenas Noches Dora – many girls like this play set so much. You will be lucky when you get one of this because this is always out of stock and is hard to find. The price of this doll is 30 dollars.

3. Dora Collectible Friend – this is available for only 6.27 to 7 dollars only.

4. Dora Fairytale Adventure Castle Play set – this can be bought for only 20 -21 dollars

5. Dora Glowy Star Light Up Keychain – this can be attached in children’s' bags. This toy usually lights up when being pressed. This is available for 3.97 dollars only.

6. Dora House Furniture: Bathroom – this can be bought for only 14 dollars.

7. Dora House: Backyard Tree house- this toy is available online, check it out and you can order online. This will only cost you 12.57 dollars.

8. Dora the explorer Animal Rescue Adventure Set – this toy is very affordable at the price of only 6.27 dollars.

9. Dora the Explorer Circus Tricks Placemat – this will encourage a good eating habit for your child. As a favorite of most children, who would not want to eat with her? By using the placemat, it is as if their favorite Dora is accompanying them. The price of this placemat is only 2.00 dollars.

10. Dora the Explorer hideaway Tent - this is very good for children who loves to camp outside their houses. This is available for only 19.77 dollars only.

11. Dora the Explorer Play Tunnel – applicable for active kids who always love to play. This is usually 5 feet long and can be played by 2 to 4 kids. The price of this play tunnel is 28 dollars.

12. Dora the explorer Wipe-Off Memo Board – good for kids who love to portray the role of Dora. Children can use the board for teaching acting. They can easily write and erase their mini lessons on this board. The price of this toy is 7.97 dollars only.

The above-mentioned gifts are only some of the many available selections when you are seeking to shop for Dora the Explorer toys.


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